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Progressive Automations is manufacturer/distributor of linear actuators and linear control systems.  In recent years we teamed up with other manufacturers and designers to develop the tv lift systems.  Progressive Automations brings in the experience and knowledge to develop tv lifts with good quality and low price.  We work really hard with our suppliers and partners to bring the best quality and latest technologies into our products. 


We have warehouses in the United States and Canada that allows our customers to receive the product quickly paying low shipping prices.  Our customers in US and Canada do not pay duty taxes on any of the products. 



Our products include full tv lift systems with variety of different abilities.  Some systems would actuate up/down some would do left/right and some models would do both.  In addition, the tv lift systems would address different TV sizes that customers would have.  


Shipping Methods:

Progressive Automations offers different shipping options from ground to next day air.  This means you can have your tv lift the very next day.  All the shipping methods would be listed online during the check out stage.  If you would like to use a different shipping company or your own shipping account please call 1-800-676-6123 to arrange that. 


Why Use Progressive Brand for your tv lift needs:



• 3 Year Warranty on all tv lifts and tv mounts
• You get high quality products and lower prices then our competitors
• Discounts for orders of 3 units and above
• Engineering and customer support offered to all customers
• Advertising and networking help from Progressive Automations
• Large selection of products
• Friendly customer service

Custom Orders:

At this time we do not offer any customization options on the tv lift systems.  All sizes, colors and shapes we have available are shown on the website.  We might be offering custom order in the near future.

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