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Build Your Own TV Lift using Linear Actuators:

Need a specific design not offered at You are also able to make your own TV lift using linear actuators to suit your design needs perfectly. We offer many different stroke sizes and forces to meet your needs, for all accessories required to build your own TV Lift please visit

1)    You need to first decide on the stroke size you require. To do this you simply measure the length of your TV and round up to the next whole number. Please note that the retracted length (fully closed) of the actuator will be the stroke length plus 6.13 inches, keep this in mind when measuring your cabinetry. You are given 2 options on the force, 200 lbs or 400 lbs, its recommended to have at least 20% extra force then you actually require. If your TV weight 160 lbs then the 200 lbs actuator will work for you.  For TV's heavier then 160 lbs we recommend the 400 lbs unit.

2)    You will need to purchase some guide rails to help keep the TV straight during its movement, make sure you purchase heavy duty linear guide rails and that the length is equal to or greater then the stroke length you have decided to use.  Guide rails can be purchased from most home improvement stores.

3)    TV mounting brackets will also need to be purchased to attach your TV to the linear actuator. These can typically be purchased from electronics and home improvement stores.

4)    You will also need to purchase two of our BRK-02 mounting brackets to attach your actuator to your TV and cabinetry.

5)     Deciding how you plan on controlling your actuator is the next step, you have a few options here. A rocker switch if you plan on using a 12v DC battery or a control box with a wired or wireless remote. Pricing for this will vary depending on the control device selected, please give us a call if you have trouble selecting the control device you would like to use

6)    Gas springs can be used to help take part of the weight off of the linear actuator, this allows for smoother and faster movement of your TV lift as well as extends the life of the linear actuator.

Once all the required materials are purchased you are ready to make your own TV lift for a very low price! Wiring instructions for the rocker switch can be found in our Wiring PDF section.  If you have any questions regarding building your own TV Lift please email us.


Build Your Own TV Lift
Learn how to build your own TV Lift using linear actuators
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